Answered Prayer

The Lord is gracious!  What an awesome day we had yesterday.  THE DOCTORS LETTER FINALLY GOT FAXED!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!  Our sweet amazing wonderful angel, Tiffany called to say that we are now OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED!!!  It was the best feeling!  And the other greatest thing is I was feeling a bit anxious about it while we were eating dinner, so I asked if we could pray.  We were praying about it and my phone rang!  Isn't God so great!!??  SO thankful!  THEN I got a little ring at the door bell from the UPS man.  I had a little envelope and it was our Orientation Packet from AGCI!  Yahoo!  So of course, I spent the rest of the time reading, initialling, and getting all things ready to be notarized AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!  So now, we have our orientation with AGCI tomorrow and then we are getting all things ready for our social worker to begin the Home Study!  So awesome!  All the while....let's do a show!  If you haven't gotten tickets for "Moo Juice" PLEASE do!  It is going to be awesome!  If you can't come check out the website to see all the amazing things re.ACT Company has to offer!  http://www.reactkc.org/  January 18 was the best day!  OFFICAL! 

Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness and kindness.  Thank you for teaching me patience and to wait in your plan.  This will be something you and I will be talking about for a long time to come I am sure!  Thank you for loving me and for loving my baby more than I could imagine.  I know that you have your arms wrapped TIGHT around him/her and his/her Mama!  Thank you for her and her courageous fight to have a baby!  Grateful......humbled......excited.......heart racing!

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