Hello Little Love

Hello Little Love,
I just wanted to let you know that I miss you.  Yesterday, I missed you all day long.  I thought about you almost every minute of the day.  It feels so far away until I will finally be able to fill these empty arms with huggin you.  And I wanted you to know that as you are on the other side of the world....I am over here thinking of you, smiling at thinking of the first time I see your face, and longing to know you.  I wonder if you are a baby, learning to crawl, stand up, or even walk!  I wonder if you are scared, lonely, and unsure as to what is happening in your life.  I pray for you.  I know that God loves you more than anything and He is gracious.  It is at the point when we can't see the road, we don't understand the direction....that He has the chance to pave something beautiful.  To make something beautiful out of something we never thought could be beautiful!  I hate that you have to suffer loss before we meet, it makes this Momma's heart ache!  But I place my hope in the Lord that He is carrying you, He is holding you, wiping your tears, kissing your cheeks, comforting you, and providing for you while we wait for each other.  
Love you, little love!

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