Numbers and Month 1 Low Down

GIRL (4 spots)
BOY (3 spots)

Ok, so you know that we are embarking on a 7 month journey!  And I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!  If you missed the post about it, you can read that here .  Month one is going to be Media.  For those of you who know us, it might surprise you that the Lord really placed Media as our my number 1 month.  Because we don't have cable, we have one TV, Dave has a facebook but let's get real, he is sort of a facebook poser :)  We are not super connected.  BUT, this month is for me.  You know it is sad when you can list the TV Shows beginning at 8am-9pm.  Woh!  That is sad.  And I am not one to be found on the couch for an entire day watching TV, but I do relax to watching TV.  And that habit has been passed on to my sweet Maren.  She loves to watch TV.  She gets grumpy if you talk to her during one of her shows, and mad if you make her turn the tv off!  Oh dear....I've created a monster!  We use The Cosby Show as a way to hang out in the afternoon when I could be doing something with her like a puzzle, tea party, color, swing.  I don't think that TV is bad....but in excess!  And to help me not turn the tv on, I like to have the radio playing in the house.  Noise.  Just some more noise.  So here is what we have around here:
*1 TV
*1 personal laptop
*Suz work laptop
*Dave work laptop and work blackberry
*Suz iphone
*Dave cell phone
*1 DVD player
*2 stereos
*1 Wii (which we don't use really ever)
*My girls "gaming system" are our phones

Dave and I have set some ground rules for how we will approach this month.  We are going to stop looking down at our screens and up at each other!  Can you imagine!  Warning:  This is going to break Maren's little heart.  I have been telling her about this month coming and everyday she has asked if it is Sunday yet!  Poor girl!  It will be good!

So we are going to say No to:

I am taking all the games off of our phones, facebook app, and twitter app.  

A little about the asterisks:
*TV-- If I said no to Husker games my husband would revolt!  So we will watch ONLY watch Husker games.  We are also going to allow 2 family movie nights for the month.
*Texting-- It can be a time-saver for us.  To know when Dave is coming home.  Friends needing to ask a quick question.  So if it is a time-saver it works.  If not....then no way Jose!  So, if you are one of my friends who only really communicates through text messaging with me....we will have to talk on the phone this month or just not talk!  Haha!
*Internet--Obviously we both need the internet for work.  Email and such.  So that is just fine for this month.  BUT, no more, cooking blogs, cooking sites, adoption videos, adoption blogs, youtube videos, Huskermax.com, espn.com, facebook, twitter, etc.  I will be blogging as well.  Dave agreed that me keeping a journal for this journey is important.  So you will be finding things out on here how our months are going!  

But other than that, we are going completely silent.  I already said goodbye to my adoption facebook group because it is going to be super hard not to have them in my life!  But the best part of that group, is that I now have over 200 women praying for me this month!  Love them!  Praying for them!  I can't wait to see what September brought you ladies!!  So goodbye to facebook for awhile!  You know that you need to take a break when you get really excited when people "like" your status...makes you feel good about yourself (rolling eyes now)!  OR, when you tweet Jen Hatmaker with your post that you wrote about her and she TWEETS YOU BACK!!  You stand at your computer upon seeing that and gasp outloud so excitedly that your child goes, "What Mom?  Did we get our baby??"  Oh, no sweetie, Mommy's new best friend just tweeted me!  Hahahaha!  Time for a break!

So excited to start creating some margin!  So excited to be doing something extreme for an extremely abundant God!

I already have one friend joining me......anyone else????

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