Day 3

So I just ate 2 candy corns.  And that is that.

Food month has been SO much different then media.  And let me say again, we are only on day 3.  All of the foods on our list are some of our favorites.  But it is eating them over and over and over again.  Here are some combos we have done:
Spinach omlette topped with avocado
Roasted sweet potatoes and apples (this was amazing!)
Baked sweet potatoes
Grilled chicken
sauteed spinach
Grilled chicken drumsticks
hard boiled eggs
Chicken sliced down the middle with sliced apples in it (also very good)
Spinach chips
scrambled eggs
shredded chicken

Sooo, needless to say we are working out variety as much!  What am I learning?  So much!

I am studying Genesis with BSF.  And this week we were in Genesis 3.  The Lord showed me that all the devil had to do was plant a seed of discontentment in Eve's heart and then he just reeled her in.  All satan had to do was get her to focus on the one thing she couldn't have and forget about ALL of the abundance around her.  The Word said that God gave her EVERY seed bearing plant and tree!  Think of all the amazing things she had all around her.  Not to mention a perfect relationship with God!  And yet, I am just like Eve.  Give me a boundary (like I learned last month), all of a sudden I forget to see the things all around me and just see the one thing that is a boundary or the one thing I cannot have.  Thank you, Lord for my abundance that comes from you!

I do not waste one bit of food!  I clear my entire plate!  When I am cooking, I do not wasted one piece of food!  It means so much more to me now.  And I realize how easy it has been for me to just throw it away without thinking.

I feel great.  On the inside I feel wonderful.  I have never felt overly stuffed.  And I also feel no negative emotions that sometimes comes with eating.  You know....shame....inadequacy....negative thoughts.  How freeing is that?

Excited what is ahead for us.  Dave is also learning so much as well and that has been fun to see him grow too!

If you have any recipe ideas let me know :)

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