So it is official---we have been waiting for 21 months!  This process.  That is about all I can say today.  This process.  To explain to you with the greatness, weight, depth, and clarity the words deserve-----well, that is just for another day.  I am not sure if it will be any day really.  I am changed.  I am transformed.  I am being lower and lower and lower and lower and loving it.  Maybe I am just too much of a people girl that I just need to sit across a table from you over some amazing Ethiopian coffee and just word vomit this journey.  Maybe one day I will try to do that over this computer screen.  But what I do know?  I was an orphan.  I was lost.  I was without hope.  I was without an inheritance.  And then this man.  This man named Jesus left His throne to come here.  To come for this orphan.  To make her feel known.  To give her hope.  And to offer her His inheritance.  Grateful doesn't even come close. And the emotion today is just so raw because He is making me more and more raw for His Word and for His life!  

I do love me some Jen Hatmaker and her book Interrupted has well......interrupted my life.  I told her so on her facebook page and well-----SHE COMMENTED!  I about lost my sense of reality!  Haha!  Silly I know.  But it is speaking my heart so well and yet I have a feeling our calls are very different even though we have been interrupted in the same way.  Isn't that just like our God?  He didn't give us all the same thing to do---we all have a call that is personal to us.  He created us for a specific purpose.  I am grateful for that!  But, Jen has written two blog posts on this holiday us Christians like to call Easter that spoke to me when I read them in 2012.  My friend Stacia actually brought it to my attention.  I attach them here in case you want to take a gander.

He has Risen my friends!  Jesus became the First Fruit offering!  He became the body and the blood.  For you and for me.



March Numbers:
Boy= 32
Girl= 43

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