To The Mighty Brigade

To all the Momma driving friends, 
I just wanted to say thank you.  
This year was my first year to join your mighty brigade.  
I remember my first car line.  I was so naive.  
I was the next group for pick up.  I began to pull up, getting closer, and closer even, they kept waving me through, I was nervous, no Maren.  Waving through again, approaching the front door.  I rolled down my window, "I don't have my daughter!"  
The sweet teacher replied, "Honey just pull forward, we won't let you leave without your child."  I pulled all the way forward, and yes, out came Maren.  
In my car.  Safe.  
Day One Down.

I've come a long way since day one.  I learned the short cuts.  I learned the etiquette.  I learned that your child will walk themselves into school eventually. 
 I learned that their fear to take the first step will soon become bouncing out of the car. 
 And, thankfully (for this Momma's heart), bouncing right back in again.  
I learned that some of you work out before you drive to school, work out after drop off, some love their pj pants and coffee, and some of you head off to work.
We all begin our day headed to the same place and then the brigade all breaks away.  
We all head off to take our days by storm.  To do the things before us.  
The brave things.  The fun things.  The hard things.  The mundane things.  
And then, in a blink of an eye, we are all lined up again.  Car sign visible.  The wait.  
AKA: Savanah's nap time

Kids come out.  All smiles.  Waving goodbye until the next day.  
The kids bounce into the car with an earful of, 
"we did this" and "we did that" or "mom don't forget to sign" or "mom you forgot to"
We pull into the garage to begin the next whirlwind.  
Snack, signing papers, looking over all the days work, snack again
Dinner prep, reading, lessons, get dinner on the table, clean up said dinner, head into bedtime routine, read a few books, rub backs, sing a few songs, one last drink of water, one last cuddle, and then fall onto the couch.  
Yes.  The day is done.

Mighty brigade, you are brave.  
You are appreciated.  
You are awesome.

Year one down.  Many ahead.  
Thank you, mighty brigade.  
Until August.......

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  1. Haha, love this. It's been awhile since those days. The chattering in the car and at the dinner table never got old. My favorite times!

  2. Hahaha...such fond memories with the four girls. The chatter on the car ride home and then more during dinner...including dad...Was fantastic. Family time = Happy time for me! :)