Haiti--Day Two

I have been so excited to share this day with you.  This might have been my favorite day of all.  But then again.....I don't know.  I loved them all for different reasons.  All in all....moving along.
We begin our morning with a group devotional.  On Thursday night, our trip leader, Adrien, asked if anyone wanted to lead devo's in the morning.  {Silence}  Then Dave spoke up that he would.  I was excited that he would be leading our first devotional.  His leadership, love for God's word, and desire to really know God more and more is the beginning of things I love about him.  One of the questions Dave asked was, "what things from home are you glad to be away from that will help you to more fully serve?"  I answered with the day to day.  I wasn't packing lunches, making breakfasts, signing sheets, helping homework, doing laundry, straightening beds, etc.....just the day to day. 
{Please wait for the Lord to completely use this above statement}
We began our day going to Paula Cole's factory.  Paula and Global Orphan Project have formed a great friendship.  She is a designer with a passion for education in Haiti.  You can learn more about her here.  Basically, Paula takes scraps from the Hanes factory and creates amazing things with them for people to sell.  Not only does this employ people in Haiti but it also provides for education and orphan care.  Dave has been working with Global Orphan on a volunteer basis in regards to their Global Exchange so he was very excited to see this first hand. 
Suz, Paula Coles, and Dave

Maxson was very proud of his work!
Paula also has a line that is exclusively for Global Orphan Project.  You can check that line out here.  Dave and I are planning on hosting a GoExchange party to show off all these products and to share the story of our trip.  Otherwise, you can shop online all you like!
After the factory we were off to our next orphanage, Leogane.  We had some time in the bus this time because this orphanage was outside of the city.  The bus ride was quiet, I think we were all just taking it in and enjoying our snacks :)  Before we left on our trip, Adrien urged each family to think of a fun activity to do while we were playing with the kids.  Dave had the awesome idea of a Field Day.  We got potato sacks, three legged race ties, bean bag toss, and a soccer maze with cones.  Dave was really excited to do this with the kids!  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  I fell so in love with Woodsley I wasn't sure my heart could take more! 
The gates opened and we got off the bus.  Kids finding their person and greeting us with their big smiles.  Although, on this day, I was not chosen.  So I just walked around.  Observing.  Walking the grounds.  I saw Adrien talking with a group of Mommas by a hut.  I knew at some point I wanted to invest in the Mommas but not sure when or how.  I went over to Adrien and he introduced me.  I embraced each one, doing the whole double cheek kiss thing and in that moment....I became a Momma.  We exchanged names and that was that.  For the next 3+ hours I was a Leogane Momma.  They took me around and showed me each room.  There were about 9-10 kids to each Momma.  All divided by age and gender.  The rooms were small, lined with bunk beds with one fitted sheet.  The Mommas had a room that was small with the same.  They showed me where they cook and these huge pots of rice and beans.  Needless to say the kitchen was very very hot.  But worth it for all the tummies that are fed.  The pastor's wife took me around on the grand tour.  She held my hand the whole way.  She introduced me to her husband and family.  Then took me into the church.  It was beautiful.  I just began singing Amazing Grace.  She looked over at me and joined in Creole.  We sang with tears coming down our eyes.  She knew what I was saying and I knew what she was saying.  The same amazing grace that saved me had saved her.  The same Jesus that transformed me transformed her.  Holy Ground.  I loved that moment.  She then took me through a field.  Unsure of where we were headed or what she was showing me, ahead I saw two huts.  And sitting outside was a group of elderly people. I later learned that they were living in tents outside the orphanage and Global Orphan sponsors them.  They live there now and have food provided.  They were dear dear people.  Thankful that Global knows that orphan has no age boundary.
Once the tour was done, Marie took me to the room she cares for.  She began straightening the fitted sheets and picking up the school uniforms that were thrown around.  So I just did the same.  Went around fixing the sheets.  Separating shorts from belts from shirts.  Picking up around the room to make it look just right.  She just smiled at me as we worked alongside each other.  She had to go check on something so I just kept walking around.  I saw some other Mommas washing clothes.  I found our translator and asked him how to say, "may I help you?"  I then walked myself over, sat on a bucket and asked.  They paused.  Looking at me.  First, she shook her head no.  Not really a no that she didn't really want help, but a no that she couldn't imagine me joining her in that work.  So I just stuck my hands in the bucket and started in.  She then handed me the soap and showed me how.  I must say, I wasn't awesome.  She giggled and so did the other gals.  But eventually, I got the hang of it.  One woman ran off and came back with a chair.  They did not want me sitting on a bucket.  Then some bubbles got on my skirt.  They were mortified.  I then took a scoop of bubbles and put them on myself!  ha!  I wanted them to know that it made no difference to me.  But they still persisted of putting a blanket over my skirt.  {Leah, the ladies made sure your skirt stayed perfect!} I was blown away by the Holy Spirit this day.  Language was never a barrier.  I spent over 3 hours with these women that went by quickly.  It never felt weird.  When there was silence it was comfortable. 
So remember how I began the day in morning devotionals saying that being without my day to day responsibilities of a Mom would open me up to be more present in Haiti?  Being without the mundane.  The day to day.  And yet, it was those exact mundane things that I ended up doing all day with a few Moms in Haiti.  The very thing I thought I needed to be away from to more fully present was actually the thing that connected me the most.  The mundane things of this day connected me not only to these women, but also to Jesus. 
All these women had their own children.  This job allows housing, school, and food for her family.  These women embodied strength, courage, fire, and love.  To be honest, there hasn't been a day that I have been home that I haven't thought of these women.  I look at the clock and kind of even know their schedule a little.  I did life with them for a day and I felt so honored. 
Here are some of my friends:
{I wish I had a pic of them all!}
This is Marie and her oldest daughter
This one, she is my people.  Funny, spunky, and loving. 
I never could understand her name so I just called her "love".
All while I was spending the day with the Mommas, I missed out on a great time Dave was having!  FIELD DAY
Our translator did a great job getting it all organized and explained to the kids.  I think you will see from the pictures how much fun the kids had with this fun idea!  I was so proud of Dave!

This picture is for my teacher friends.  Here is a classroom. 
My Word for Day One:  Present
My Word for Day Two: Mundane
What will Day Three bring????
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  1. Brings happy tears to my eyes. Thank you for the reminder that the mundane matters.

  2. Wow! This is so awesome. What a day. I love that you just jumped right in with those Mommas. You are too cute, my friend! I bet they loved spending the day alongside you!! And, yay for the field day success! How fun!!!