You guys.  This is embarrassing.  Seriously.  My last post here was in AUGUST.  Ha!  I mean, not much has changed.  We just went to AFRICA for like a month and came home with our THIRD DAUGHTER and our world has been rocked......but you know.  Not much to mention over here.  Ha!  I couldn't believe that I didn't even write a post about us going to Africa.  Alas.  Pregnancy brain cannot be my excuse anymore.  So I promise, dear readers who I am not sure are still reading or remember me or know that this blog still existed, I will write.  I will post pictures.  I will share.  My heart has had so much to share but I have had this little precious one that I have been pouring into each day.  Showing her my love is real and it can be counted on.  Thankfully, she was in an orphanage that displayed that love to her so truly, she has learned that easy.  But when you are loved big, you grieve big.  So my sweet girl misses her first home.  Misses her first Momma's.  Misses her friends.  I don't blame her......they loved well.  I cannot begin to say how thankful I am.  But seeing a country that is still so divided racially and coming home to see my country....truly, my city the same has done a number on my heart too.  I promise, I will write with as much honesty as I can muster.  So if anyone is still out there.....I am too. 
Me as a mom of two before becoming a mom of three!  We are waiting for our driver to come get us from our guesthouse
That moment
So happy with her Daddy.  His first moment with her
She is such a happy brave girl
I will introduce you to this amazing staff, but this gal is pretty amazing.  She loved our girl big!
Big sisters.  Look at them both reading to her.  Which book should she look at?  This pretty much explains how it has been between the three of them.  The two bigs competing for her to look at them, play with them, be with them.  Ha!  So thankful for how they love her so big and so well!
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