Beautiful Day and Heart Still Racing....

Yesterday, Christmas, we announced to our family that we are expecting.  We had breakfast, opened up gifts, and then we shared the big news.  I was shaking the whole morning.  I only got a few hours of sleep the night before due to the anticipation.  I wish we had on video the reaction from our families.  They were shocked (thinking that I was pregnant)....then we played them the video posted here and it all came together for them.  I may not have a baby growing under my heart....but I sure have one growing IN my heart right now!  It was such a beautiful day! 

My heart is still racing with anticipation because on the 29th we will do the same announcement to our friends!  So excited to share the news and begin to talk about what the Lord has been doing in our family for the past few months to this point!   So much glory to be given to a Lord who has been orchestrating this process together perfectly.  I am humbled....soon....this blog won't be such a secret :)

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