My heart is heavy

Tonight my heart is heavy.  I know that somewhere in Ethiopia right now there is a woman.  One who is expecting a child soon or one who has already delivered.  I do not know her.....I do not know her conditions......I do not know her emotion at this moment.  What I do know is that I am thankful, humbled, in awe, strengthened, and have great love for this stranger, this warrior, this mother.  She chose life.....she chose life greater than her own....she chose to place her child before herself. 
Dear Heavenly and Gracious Father, My eyes weap and my heart is full.  Place your hand of strength, courage, hope, and love upon this family.  May this prayer from my home here in Kansas reach the heart of this woman in Ethiopia.  May she feel you in ways she has never felt.  May she feel like Hagar and say, "you are the God who sees me".  Let her be seen by you tonight. 

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