The Start of it all.....

Tonight I am so thankful for all the messages of Congratulations and of such excitement!  This all fills my heart so much to feel so much love from so many people in my life!  The Lord is amazing!  He will never bring you to something He can't bring you through....and in the short 3 months Dave and I have walked this path we have seen this truth in such a new way!

Today we applied for our passports!  Yahoo!  The first step of many things we will be applying for.  This is so exciting because Dave and I both can't wait to travel to Ethiopia! 

If you haven't taken the time yet or haven't seen it check out http://www.myoneword.org/  This is such an awesome thing!  I am so excited for the Lord to reveal to me my word for this year!  Check it out and let me know what your word is! 

Heart racing.......as usual these days :)

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