How We Got Here

So many have asked how this all transpired so I will put that story out there!  It is such a great story because it has nothing to do with Dave and I and everything to do with the Lord!  He is so faithful and so amazing!  He is the author of our lives.....He has created us for a purpose.  Not just a purpose here in our circle of influence.....but in the world!  I am humbled......deeply humbled!

Early fall my heart was on fire with the desire to adopt.  I thought about it all the time....some moments my heart ached for it!  I didn't know where Dave stood on the whole thing and seeing that we had an 10month old....wasn't sure if he would be up for it.  So I did something I had never done before in our marriage.....I kept the desire to myself and offered it back to the Giver Himself...Jesus.  I prayed everyday, "Lord if this is your Will then ignite an undeniable fire in Dave's heart.....but if this is not your Will, then please take this from me."  He was quiet.....I continued my prayer.  We went to the Matthew West concert here in Kansas City in October.  His new album is amazing!  He asked his fans to write him the story of their lives....then he took their stories and wrote songs about them.  One of the songs he wrote was called, "One Less".  He said he got so many stories from people talking about their adoptions or being adopted.  So that is where this song came from.  Of course I just cried during the performance of this song.....having no idea what God was stirring in Dave's heart.  We walked out of the concert and Dave said to me, "I think God is wanting us to begin praying about adoption."  Well I about fell to the side of the road!  What?  I remained calm (only possible by the Lord..hahaha!), and said, "That sounds awesome!"  We prayed, we investigated, we prayed, we talked to agencies and my angel, Nikki.  It wasn't until the night we made the final decision to make the plunge that I even told Dave that I had been praying about this weeks before.  We were both so excited that the Lord brought each of us to this place in His own way and His own time.  This process has taught me so much in being a wife.  I am thankful....so thankful! 

Just last night Dave and I decided that we will be requesting a child 0-18 months old and that we are open to any gender!  I know, I know....don't fall out of your chairs!  We really feel that this is God's thing.....not ours.....so we want to be open completely to Him!  It feels really awesome but really scary all at the same time! 

Today we are just trying to get things back in the swing.  Dave is back at work and all his girls miss having his fun self around the house!  But it does feel good to get going again.   Passports applied for and just set up the orientation with our Social Worker today!  Things are a movin.....heart is still racing!!!

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