Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day!  I awoke to my two precious girls handing me homemade cards and a box that Savanah had started to unwrap for me:)  We have had a very low key day and it has been great.  Although, I can't stop thinking about the little love my heart longs for and even more so today.  I know that my 3rd little love is out there and I wish here with us but for now.....in the Lord's hand.  But I also can't stop thinking about the amazing Birth Mother that will bring this little love into this world and will make the ulitmate sacrifice of love a mother could make.  So here is a poem and I dedicate to my little love's Mommy.....thank you.....
There were once two women on different sides of the earth;
God’s plan brought them together through your birth.

One carried and delivered you—what God intended her to do;
The other prayed for a child, and God led her straight to you.

One made a painful choice to give you a better life;
The other is so grateful to her for that sacrifice.

Obedience and love—how both decisions were made;
You were CHOSEN, my child—and this love will never fade!

Your life is woven together by two different kinds of love;
This type of double-blessing was planned by God above.

You have the special love of a mother—multiplied by two!
One is in your heart forever; the other is “Mommy” to you.

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