Receipt Number

On Monday we got our letter back from USCIS (United States Citizenship Immigration Services) saying that they received our documents and are begining the process of them!!!  Yahoo!!  What this means is that in a few weeks we should hear back with an Appointment Date to go and be fingerprinted by them.  Then after we are fingerprinted, we wait a few weeks for that to process and then receive our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter) which means that the USA determines us a favorable family to bring an orphan immigrant into the county!  Yahoo!   THEN, we send all of our documents to our adoption agency for them to review (there will probably be a few mistakes on my end to fix), I will fix, then send back, THEN we will be PUT ON THE WAIT LIST!!!! WHEW!  Anyone else a little tired??  Haha!  Anyone feel as though they can soon talk the adoption talk?!?  So we are weeks away!  I am SUPER excited!  It has been hard to wait on others but I know that the Lord is teaching me eternal things that I would not want to miss you know?  I was SO impressed with how soon we heard back from USCIS with our receipt number.  I am continuing to pray for the right papers to land on the right desks to be reviewed by the right people and then approved swiftly!  Thankful for the opportunity to wait. 

Last week at BSF our teaching leader began with a question, "What do you do while you wait?"  And she paused.  I took time last week to put that question into action.  I feel like I get to put that into action a lot.....but I was really aware this week.  How do I wait?  Am I a good wait-er?  God is growing me in this area.....calling me to wells of living water.....there are times when I feel dry, empty, as though I couldn't wait any longer, I get impatient, I want to eat an entire cake, or watch tv for 8 hours......but the Holy Spirit gently whispers for me to go to the well that offers water for LIFE!  This is what I do while I wait.....I sit at His feet, read His living Word, listen to His voice, pray tirelessly to Him and allow Him to love me in ways that our deeper than any other broken cistern I could turn to. 

So I ask you today....What do you do while you wait? 

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