Today was a BIG day on our journey so far!  I mailed off our paperwork to USCIS and I am so excited to hear back!  This is such a huge step for us!  One step closer to getting on that WAITING LIST!  When I went to the bank to get our Cashier's Checks the teller there was also in the process of adopting!  Isn't great how the Lord placed her in my pathe today?  We were able to talk about our hearts that are bleeding with the same love and encourage each other!  So blessed!  We also sent off our things to Show Hope to apply for a grant!  So big prayers for the Lord to guide those papers to the right places at the right time and placed into the right hands!  I am full!  I am excited!  God is moving and I love watching His hand guide and thankful to be apart of the plan! 

Where is God moving for you?  Are your eyes opened to see?  He is moving....are you watching?

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