Running the Race

I had such a great time in the Word today!  I just love it when the Lord shows His personal love to me through His Word.  I am reading through Philippians right now with other #hellomornings groupies!  (You can too....go to http://www.inspiredtoaction.com/)  I love the format of reading the passages and really helps me to see the Lords commands, promises, and application for me.  Really making sure that my view of God is in line with who God really is! 

I am running a race right now!  It is a grand race!  And it is not just a marathon....or a triathalon....it is a multi-athon!  Haha!  I love that!  You see....I am a child of the King, I am a wife to my best friend, I am a mother of 2 great girls with one on the way, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a teacher!  God has given me many things in my life and all of them are very different races to be run.  I need different paces with each race at the same time and sometimes.....different paces all at once.  But all in all.....the race has been marked and patterned by ONE creator and ONE God!  Who knows me and MADE me to run these races uniquely and to His Glory!  Today I needed Him to get my training schedule back in order for each step of my races.  I needed Him to pattern my pace for me.  And that means that I need to begin each day with HIM!  How can I run when I don't know where I am headed or who I am headed for or How fast or slow I need to go?  I need the maker of the race to show me the way!

What race are you running right now?  Do you know what race God is asking you to run?  Have you asked Him?  Run with perseverance the race marked for YOU!  No one else....YOU alone!
I am Rejoicing in Him today!  I am Glad in Him today!
Run my friends,

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