We're All In This Together

It has been quite some time since my last post!  I was such a great blogger and then Camp hit!  Every summer I have the privledge of hanging out with kids at a summer theater camp.  This summer even my oldest Maren got to go!  So fun!  http://www.reactkc.org/  We have a great time.  But I sort of went out of blog commission during those 6 weeks!  BUT, I am back!  And I am back with news!!!!

We submitted our Dossier two weeks ago.  Everything looked great except for 3 documents.  Can you believe that we forgot to sign our passports??  And then we had to do  one other doc!  Those should be in review today and I am hopeful for THE PHONE call for our WAIT LIST NUMBER!!!!  Iam SUPER excited!  I feel like I did when I took a pregnancy test and I had to wait those few minutes to see if it was positive or negative.  All day I have had the same butterflies.....will it be positive today???  I hope so!  I am so thankful for our case worker who has done such a great job getting our docs reviewed.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will have some GREAT news! 

Until then......

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