Continued Thankfulness

So much of our adoption journey has been watching God show up.  HE has shown up through people, seamless happenings, and also through provision.  We knew that pursuing this adoption would be a leap of faith financially.  It has been great to see how God has provided for us each step of the way.  We are thankful for the people who have come alongside us financially.  We applied for a grant through Show Hope, Steven Curtis Chapman's foundation.  We thought we would hear by June 30th and when we didn't we assumed that God had other plans for providing for our next step.  But on Monday, I opened a piece of mail from them................assuming it to be a letter saying good luck with everything...............but it was not so!  We were approved for a grant!!!  SO THANKFUL!  We knew that God would show up because HE has EVERY step of the way so far.  It was just a great reminder who is really in charge of this process and whose plan this all really is. 

Tonight Mom and Dad have the kids overnight so I can do some meetings tomorrow.......so Dave and I are hitting the Plaza with friends!  Looking forward to a fun night with my hubby and people who make me better when I am around them!  Excited for my sister to come this weekend!  So looking forward to hanging out with her and my nephew Karsten! 
Happy Wednesday!!!

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