The Unexpected

I love it when God shows up in unexpected ways.  It just blesses my heart to know that HE desires to say, "I'm here...don't forget...I'm just right here".  Tonight was one of those for me.  We went to 6pm church, which we have really loved this summer, and before the pastor began his sermon he showed a video.  It started out curious, then there was a video of an airplane...a couple...and I thought, "this seems like an adoption video" (because, you know, I go to youtube and watch those weekly!)....and it WAS an adoption video....even an Ethiopian adoption video!  Loved it!  The worship pastor at our Wornall Campus is adopting http://www.loveiswaitingadoptionstory.blogspot.com/ !  I just felt God encouraging me as I wait for my little love.  I see my paper chain in the house and our waitlist numbers.......dreaming of the day when the chain will be shorter and the numbers lower.  But feeling peaceful at the same time.

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