We got our new September numbers last week!  And the fun part was having my best friend from college, Stacia, and her three girls here to help celebrate!  Lauren and Maren colored the new numbers, took a cute and silly picture with the new numbers, and helped cut off the chains from our paper chain!  We are super excited to keep moving on the waitlist!  Here are the pics:

BSF has started and we are studying Acts this year.  Today's lecture was all about waiting.  The disciples had to wait 40 days after Jesus' resurrection for the Holy Spirit to arrive.  One principal today was, "often when God wants to reach the world the first step is to wait."  We know that when we wait we are reminded that we are out of control, but that gives us the opportunity to hand the reigns of control over to the Holy Spirit to empower us, teach us, change us, and lead us.  I was challenged by these questions today:  What is God preparing me for while I wait?  How is God preparing my heart?  These are the questions that I am milling over today because I don't want to miss a moment that God has for me.  I don't want to miss a lesson or an opportunity to grow more in Him.  This waiting process isn't easy but I want to have the fruit intended for me produced.....and for that I need to wait on God's timing....because.....God is never late!  It causes me to think about the sweet Ethiopian Momma who is waiting on her upcoming labor, her upcoming letting go of her baby.....the amount of trust and faith it will require of her just as it has required much trust and faith for Dave and me.  So as we cut each chain we know that means that forever families are being formed and I pray for them.  I also pray for the 107 families ahead of me for a baby girl and the 82 families ahead of me for a baby boy.  I pray for what God is teaching them in the waiting process.  

You may not be waiting for a baby like me but you might be waiting.  So I challenge you with the same words that challenged me.....how are you doing with the wait?  Are you leaning into the waiting? Is your waiting heart a teachable heart?  Seek the Lord and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to wait with great expectancy.....not missing a moment.....not missing one piece of fruit intended only for you by a God who loves you abundantly!  

Waiting expectantly.....

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