This is when it's hard

You know.....waiting is hard.  And today....especially right now.....the waiting is hard.  You see, today the girls and I went to the KC Zoo.  The weather was amazing today and we had the best day just going wherever we wanted to go....having no schedule....just being together.  And as I pushed the double stroller wondering, "how will we do this with 3?"  My heart longed for our baby to be with us today.  And now, watching my sweet girls play in the "big bath" with bubbles.....I'm wishing that it was the laughter of THREE sweet precious babies of mine.  So today.....I am missing my little love.  Better stated.....one little love of ours is missing.  I have two of the most fun girls that grew under my heart......yet, I have one who is growing in my heart right now.  This pregnancy waiting is hard.....not hard in the, I have to go to the bathroom for the 50th time, I have trouble sleeping because I am uncomfortable, I can't cook raw chicken or I will throw up sort of way.  But hard in a, I can't see you growing and developing and I can't hear your heart beat so close to mine.......

So my dear little love, I want you to know that tonight.....your Mommy longs for you.  I can't wait to hear your laughter mix with the laughter of your sisters.  I can't wait to take you on special adventures and discover new things with you.  I can't wait to kiss your sweet face and rock to sleep each and every night.  My heart is huge for you!  I love you, little love!

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