A Baby Changes Everything

As I listen to the words of Faith Hill's song, "A Baby Changes Everything", I get excited for a new baby to come and change everything as I know.  Tonight, Maren wanted to watch the video of when she was born (mind you we don't have the actual birth on video, let's get real people).  She loved seeing herself as a baby.  I see myself and Dave.....we had no idea....I mean....we had no idea.  Then we watched Savanah's birth story.....again.....we thought we had some idea.....but we really had no idea.  And as my 3rd little love's birth story unfolds, I know that I think I know something......but really.....I know nothing.  Even though I have worked in the world of adoption makes me understand on a head level.  But as I have learned over this year of being in the process as a mother-to-be.......this is not a head level kind of process.  This is a whole heart process......I mean WHOLE HEART sort of thing.  

Then I hear this song that talks of the birth of Jesus.  I am reminded of the sermon our pastor gave last Christmas season.  A baby DOES change everything.  It causes people to change, surroundings to change, lifestyle to change, friendships change, schedules change, your body change, your sleep patterns change, your focus change, your LIFE change.  Maren and Savanah have done that for me.  BUT......do I live a life that reflects the fact that Jesus has changed EVERYTHING??  Has this baby.....this baby boy that came into the world for ME.....for YOU.....has He changed everything?  

I began Beth Moore's Inheritance Study today.   I mean.....that girl is a gift!  She is a blessing.  Her mouth is filled with the Holy Spirit and she speaks.  You don't always like what she says, but you know that what she says is your intimate heart cry.  I think of the inheritance that my adopted child will receive.....it will be NO DIFFERENT than what my girls will get.....EVERYTHING.  I mean EVERY LAST NICKEL, POSSESSION.....EVERYTHING.  This baby changed everything in regards to our inheritance......changed everything in regards to our life.  That cuts me tonight.....wrecks me tonight.  I am thankful to be a wreck tonight.  

I pray for the changes that this baby will bring.  I pray that I will be changed by the baby that has already come into the world to change everything for ME....for YOU!  

a wrecked one,

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