The Unexpected

What a great weekend we had!  We went to Lincoln to visit Dave's family and for me to have some work meetings (thank you Austin and Lisa).  It was great!  Dave and I also got 2 tickets to the Husker game vs. Ohio State.  It was so fun to be down on campus.....especially Homecoming weekend.  And would you believe that Chi Omega and SAE were teamed up to do the float this year together ;)?  We sat with Cory and Ashley (Dave's cousin and wife) at the game which made it all the more fun to be with family.  Ashley grabbed this cute pic of us there.

Today we went to church where Dave's family attends.  I always LOVE going to New Cov.  It is such an authentic place that strives to know the Lord more and to bring each member into a fuller relationship with Jesus....love that!  As I was picking Savy up from her Sunday school class a grandma was picking up her grandson right in front of me.  I overheard her say, "he is from Ethiopia."  Well my heart fell and I became like my daughters do when I am about ready to put dinner on the table....a vulture.  Dave and I told her that we were on the wait list in Ethiopia and she told me to come meet her daughter.  So, of course, being the vulture, I followed her back up the stairs to meet Abraham's Mommy and Daddy.  It was so fun to meet them and feel connected to another family.  Abraham was about the cutest thing....and would you believe that they went through our agency as well.

We said goodbye and turned the corner to go down the stairs.  As we were walking down Dave says, "just think....our baby could be born right now."  And with that I was overcome with emotion and just cried on the stairs as Dave hugged me.  My heart was aching.  You know that pregnant women can get emotional at any time over anything.....so.......down came the tears.  It was a bit unexpected for me.  I would say so many of the emotions I have been feeling lately are unexpected.....good unexpected.  My heart is longing.......my heart is patient......my heart is full of joy and expectancy!  Hebrews 11:1 says, "Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for though the evidence is unseen."

Dear Little Love,
I wanted you to know that today, my heart swelled for YOU.  It was as if I felt you kick for the first time.....I felt you moving within me.....that butterfly flutter within me was YOU growing bigger and bigger in my heart.  And can I just say.....I'm in love.  Soon I will have you in my arms forever but for now the Lord is growing each of us in new ways until it is time for us to be together.  I am full of faith and assurance and expectation for you.
I love you,

I am hopeful that this week I will be posting new numbers and pics of Maren with them and cutting our paper chain!  Each month seems to fly by!  The courts in Ethiopia re-open this week which will be such a blessing to so many families waiting on court dates and finalizations.  I pray that this week so many families are greeted with great news!

All for now.....need to get to bed!

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