This Week

This week has been quite a whirlwind it seems.  This month is super crazy for us but with things that are all so wonderful!  We have had visitors at our house, we have been visiting other people, beautiful wedding this weekend, Dave went on a missions trip, I have an event for www.reactkc.org this weekend, we will celebrate Dave's grandpa's 90th Birthday the following.....busy but all great!  It does help keep the time moving and the days rolling.  But there is a sense where I want things to slow down.....you know?  So I don't miss one single thing that God has for me in each event!  Every week moves along, Sunday comes in and I am just wrecked!  Wrecked in a heart cry to live more closely with the one who lived for me!  I have been in this place before and to be honest.....I didn't really like it.  But now....I love it!  I love being wrecked and I love being more alive and more present in the days.  

I am hopeful that this week I will hear new numbers.  That always makes you feel as though things are moving and things are hopeful.  But my hope is not in hearing the numbers!  My hope is in the one who has the days numbered perfectly until I will meet my little love!  So I rest in Him and pray.....praying a lot it seems.  Thankful.

Here is to another week of His presence to drive me deeper into my present!

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