It is once again midnight and I have been working tonight.  So I thought I would reward myself with some adoption videos....and an hour later.....here I still am on the computer :)  I just love me some adoption videos!  I love it!  I love the anticipation of the families being united and then.....the moment......the moment when the woman becomes a Mother and the man becomes a Father and the child becomes a Son or a Daughter.  It really is the most beautiful thing!  Love it!  And of course.....cannot wait for that to be our video one day!  

Dave and I have been chatting about raising the funds for the payments to come.  We will be doing an adoption tshirt soon to help raise money!  So please stay tuned so you can order one when they come out!  Don't worry.....they will be cool.....not your normal tshirt.  But it is just another point for us to continue to trust that the Lord who began this good work will finish it out until the end!  So thankful for His faithfulness!  The wait is long and hard.  There are days when I think of it about a few times and then days when I think of it hourly.  I am excited to get our new numbers for October (I am not sure if I have said it yet.....but I am excited for our new numbers)....and what new numbers mean is that families are being united!  The lonely is being set in families!  The Gospel is being lived out!  My prayer now is that our agency would have wisdom in every move that they make....and praying that we will be a forever family before Christmas of 2012!  I would love to only have one more Christmas without our little love!  That would be amazing.  Again.....God's timing and His hands.  

Now it is time for me to get to bed.  It is a BSF day tomorrow and I am so excited to be in the Word with other women!  Hopefully my next post will be with new numbers!

Waiting Expectantly,

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