One Year

I closed out my post from last night and went to bed.  Although, it was still a while before my head and heart stopped racing.....and I had to give a paci to a little one and help another little one who had wet the bed!  Ha!  But, I remembered that I needed to check the date of when the Lord aligned my heart, Dave's heart, with God's heart for our family.....October 23rd was the Matthew West concert.  The night Dave was given the call that spoke my very prayer for months.  It has been one year and 8 days since we began this crazy journey!  I can't believe that!  And now we are sitting on the wait list....waiting....praying for God to align two families together to be one.  

This morning, my time with the Lord reminded me that everything around me is a reminder of the Creator.  Am I more interested in the things created instead of the One who created it all?  Challenging.

I hope that your Monday (your Halloween) is filled with fun, friends, and family like ours!  I am sure there will be pictures to follow!

Happy Monday!

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