Women of Faith

This weekend I had a "Mother/Daughter" Weekend with my best friend, Sarah, Mom Pam, and My Mom Diane.  It was so much fun.  We went to Women of Faith and it was GREAT!  We had an overnight at a hotel which was even GREATER!  It was fun to get away for a night and be refreshed, encouraged, and challenged.  Here are just a few quotes that have been sticking with me.

Patsy Clairmont
*God has designed me with a Will that is stronger than my emotions
*Our behavior is louder than our words
*Sarcasm is anger in a clown suit
*Pass through your day leaving behind a melody

Andy Andrews
*When do we cease the principle to be careful who we hang out with?
*If you struggle with focus it is because worry has become your focus
*Every good thing that has happened to you has happened because of the way you have acted
*Great things will happen because of the way you acted when things were unfair
*Everything we do or don't do matters

Brenda Warner
*Our circumstances do not determine who we are...God does!

So many nuggets....so much learning.....so thankful for the weekend and for the fellowship!

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