Orphan Sunday

Ever since yesterday (Orphan Sunday), I have been trying to figure out what this day means to me.....to my family....to the people sitting in church.....to my community....to our Country....and to the World!  

My family answered a call one year ago that the Lord placed in our lives.  He called....and we are responding to that call.  Joe challenged us that maybe the Lord is using orphans to awaken and purify His church.  And I think that is exactly right.  I know for me....this adoption process has awakened me....awakened Dave.....awakened our marriage (praise God).  And it is purifying us daily.  I will never again be the same.  This journey to our child has changed me more than any other journey I have ever embarked.  It is truly a story that only the Lord can write.  

If you are interested.......here is the sermon from our church.  Our guest speaker was Joe Knittig, the CEO of The Global Orphan Project.  It was the perfect message for this day:  http://www.colonialkc.org/templates/System/details.asp?id=35021&PID=897042

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