Start of Advent and an Angel

I know that I said a long time ago that I would post our advent calendar and here we are....already into Advent.  But here we go!

Day One:  Read Christmas Books
Day Two:  Make Christmas cards for soldiers
Day Three:  Maren and I are going to a Ballet this afternoon (Clara's Dream)  Tomorrow we will be going to get our Christmas Tree and decorating it!  So that will be lots of fun!  The girls are having a great time with it!

Last night Maren had her first Christmas Program at her school.  She was an angel!  And she was pretty much type casted if you ask me :)  She was pretty shy at the start, and then the more she heard the applause she learned it was a cool thing to push to the front and sing out! 

I think in this picture she is looking over at Mary in hopes to learn her part well enough to play it next year ;)  Haha!   She liked hanging around the stable.....to be close to Jesus of course!   It was a great night.  Grandma and Grandpa Lee came and then we went to dessert after the show to celebrate!  I was pretty darn proud of my little angel!

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