January wait list numbers entered my inbox at about 8:30pm January 31st.  I must say that I knew there wasn't going to be dramatic movement....but in my heart....there was hope being held.  And indeed.....there was not much movement!
BOY= #75
GIRL= #93
So as you can tell things are moving at a slower pace since we signed on a year ago.....since 6 months ago.  The process as a whole in Ethiopia is slowing down due to extra scrutiny that is taking place over paperwork for orphans.  I am so thankful for the people who are advocating for each child in order to keep adoptions ethical.  And when I say "each" that is not a joke....each file.  Although....it is hard to feel the pace slow down.  It is amazing to think of how many people are working to advocate for each orphan and I am so thankful.  That will be a part of our story to our child...."I want you to know how many people were fighting for you?"  Thankful.

Yesterday I went to see the show "Honk" that my friends directed.  It is a musical based on the story of the Ugly Duckling.  It was very good and the kids did a great job.  But at the end....listening to the dialogue....tears welled up in my eyes....and my Momma heart was wanting to pour out.

UGLY:  You didn't really think I'd leave you...
MOMMA:  Oh, but you must....
UGLY:  But why?  I don't care whose egg I came out of- you are my Mother.......It takes all sorts to make a world, and you said yourself that the duck yard would be boring if we all looked the same.......

My heart was welling over and the tears began to stream.  It is true....a Mom is a Mom.  And my family would be so boring if we all looked the same.  Not everyone will understand our family....some will (and have) criticized.  But the Lord has called me....called our family and therefore we are going to have a family that isn't boring.....that isn't the same as every other family.  And I am excited for this egg to hatch :)

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  1. what a precious line. i am sorry that movement is slow. i know how your heart longs to have your sweet one home.