walking and waiting and wishing and waiting.....walking and waiting and wishing and waiting......

I bet you all have been wondering how the wait walk has been going since I last posted at the top of the month right?!?  Well, camp has come to a close and it was a great summer!  I feel so blessed to do something I have always dreamed of doing!  Thankful for the opportunity and the people I get to work alongside!  Then something that hasn't happened for a very long time.....Dave and I went on a vacation JUST the two of us!  It was such a sweet time to look at each other, recall each other's name, and talk about something else then what is for dinner or coming and going out the door.  Thankful.  And now we have returned to our girls and real life.  Savanah has decided to use the big girl potty so we spend most of our days in the bathroom cheering and doing happy dances!   Thankful!  

But one must get themselves in order and in great routine.  I love an organized house.  I am not a saver.  I love a clean kitchen.  I love order.  But I am not great at making that consistent.  I have a tendency to keep things picked up but not really clean.  I also have a tendency to put things off until it is a bit piled up.  While in the car driving home from Colorado I decided to get myself some new habits.  New routines.  One thing that helps with that is Flylady.  If you are not familiar with her then I encourage you to check her out! www.flylady.net  It is a great way to start some new habits.  Now, I have tried to FLY before, but to be honest I never took it one day at a time.  I wanted to be all in on day one.  Well....that isn't quite how it works.  So this time I am determined to take it one day at a time!  And this blog.....this wait walk.....is just the forum I need to get these routines into my system!  

What do you think you can do to get yourself feeling more in a rhythm?  Soaring in the place life has you?  Excited to begin allowing myself to take things one day at a time!  If you've been waiting for someone to tell you.....I give you permission to do the same!

DAY ONE:  Shine your Sink
*Flylady believes that when you are looking at a shiny sink you instantly have a better start to your day and throughout.  So last night, I got it shined up nice!  It made me happy.  And it did make me happy to see this morning!  
*And that is all for today.  Just make that sink shiny.  Here is a before and after:

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