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Tonight we have had some awesome news!  We have great movement this month for our adoption.  I think the most we have moved in the past is 6 spots on the list!  But for this month???  We are......

BOY (11 Spots)

GIRL (13 spots!)

It is really humbling to look at these numbers and this movement!  This movement means that we are closer and closer to our baby!  But it also means that there have been many families who have been matched forever with a family!  But yet.....it also means that there are families that have been torn because of poverty, sickness, lack of resources, lack of education, lack of basic needs, lack of support.  So in one place you begin to rejoice and then your heart gets checked again to know that there is such great sorrow in the movement as well.  I don't know where to put it all this side of heaven.  And you better believe that I pray multiple times a day for our child's family.  Mom, Dad, siblings, other family members, care givers....as I stop by the grocery store where I can find hundreds of choices for cereal that includes marshmallows, there are realities that people live where finding water is next to impossible.  Where do you put that in your heart?  

I wanted to introduce you to some of my friends that I have met along the way of this road.  They are important to me.  They have changed me.  They have been vessels that have opened my eyes to people, tragedies, loves, culture, laughter, authenticity, the beauty and ugliness of it all....I am thankful.  

This morning, Wednesday August 1, 2012 there is a woman in Ethiopia who is going to appear before a court to relinquish her child.  Because she wants to live her own life?  Because she wasn't prepared to be a Mom?  No....she is HIV+ and has no resources for herself or for her child who is now HIV+ as well.  Before you begin to judge her did you know that if she lived here in the United States, she would have load levels that would be undetectable for HIV due to medication?  Did you know that is she was able to have these medications she would have less than 1% chance of passing HIV on to her child?  Did you know that?  Did you know how amazing our country is to offer these resources?  Thankful for the family that is stepping up for this child who not only needs a family, but also needs life saving medicine.  With this medicine....with this family.....this child will lead a healthy and FULL life!  Have the ability to thrive!  Get married!  Have children with no risk!  Thankful for what lies ahead for this child.  If these statistics are new to you....meet my friend Carolyn Twietmeyer who owns www.projecthopeful.org  
or watch their video:
You can also check out one of my adoptive Momma friends blog, Cole Gilbert.  She became my friend because we are both adopting through AGCI and we met on facebook.  I sort of want to be like Cole when I grow up :)  Pastors wife in New Orleans!  Her blog is very informative as well!

Now I want to introduce you to a young girl.  She is incredible.  A fighter.  Hanging on for life.  But she doesn't have anyone fighting for her.  Why?  Fear?  Ignorance?  Injustice?  Her name is Hailee and you might be surprised to learn that she has never really been held her entire life.  Along with others that are orphaned among her.

This is hard to watch.  Terribly hard to watch.  But at the same time.....it is real.  And we cannot just turn our eyes away.  That is not acceptable!  Many countries believe that children who are born deformed, born with special needs, are children who are cursed.  They are not worth keeping.  They are not worth a family.  A future.  Of course, we are fortunate to know that is not true.  We are fortunate to know that with the right resources children can thrive and learn and grow!  

I might have overwhelmed you tonight.  And that is not what I want.  My hope is that you might start seeing things from a new perspective.  You might see your world from a different perspective.  I know that we only see the world through the lens in which we have.  But one of my favorite things is to talk with people who have a different lens.  I want to learn and grow.  And I want to be surrounded by others who want to learn and grow!  I love that!  

Learn with me.  Grow with me.  Look through a new lens today.  You never know what might happen.  Your heart might burst like mine!  And if it does.  Start the fight.    

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