Adoption Month

Happy November 1st!  With the start of a new month means that we have new numbers with the adoption.  Drum Roll Please..............
(one spot)

(no movement)
So needless to say this isn't the post I was hoping to post.  They are not the numbers I was hoping to see......but they are the numbers.  So today, I put on my Ethiopia shirt and I am sitting at my favorite Ethiopian coffee shop and putting one foot in front of the other.   Am I sad?  Yes.  Am I longing for big movement?  Yes.  Am I hopeful?  You bet!  Praying that favor is drenched over Ethiopia!  

This month is National Adoption Month so if anyone wants to talk about adoption with me I would love to!  It has been an incredible journey......one of the greatest Dave and I have ever embarked.  We are thankful for all we are learning and yearning for our little love!

As for food month we have been ending this week differently.  Mon/Tues/Wed we have eaten like rural Kenyans.  Taking the time to pray for this country and the people.  Praying over some things the Lord has placed on our hearts regarding this country and the friends God has given us from there.  Corn and beans......whew.......now Thurs/Fri/Sat we are eating like rural Ethiopians.  Injera and vegetables basically.  And....COFFEE!!!  I was pretty pumped to hear that they would have coffee.  So I am enjoying my Ethiopian coffee as I type!  Thank you, Lord for the gift of coffee :)  Sunday will be a great day to enjoy!  But it has been a great month of realizing how much my body really needs to eat to be full.  To not have so many things to get at the store, meal planning has been a breeze, simplicity of the food.  I do miss food items and it is funny now to think of ALL the things I normall eat in a day.  I didn't realize it until this month.  

I am also going to be linking some of my favorite adoption videos and blogs this month for you to watch/read.  Over to the side, I have added some of my adoption friends and their family blogs.  These women are awesome and write so well.  You will be blessed!  Here is adoption video #1....One that got us going in the process!  Enjoy!

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  1. Love following families in the adoption process. What a blessing!!!! Glad to have found your blog. Makes me want to get back in the adoption process again:)