Turkey and More

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  My little family and my parents road tripped to Colorado to spend the Holiday with my cousin Jon and his family.  They live in Beaver Creek and it was probably just like Disney World to my girls.  It was a great time of family, conversation, AMAZING food (thank you, Amy), and the best part....watching my girls try new things for the first time!  Zip lining, sledding, snow shoeing, skiing....so much fun!  Here are some pics of our fun!

And we are in November.....which is "Clothes" month for me in this journey of "7".  I haven't blogged much about this month so let me catch you all up on what I am up to with it!  When Jen did her clothes month she chose 7 articles of clothing and only wore those for the month.  As I was thinking about clothes month all I could think of was how easy it would be for me to wear only 7 things.  To be honest.....I don't wear my closet.  I sort of have my staple jeans, my staple shirts and wear them all on a weekly basis....sometimes twice in a row.  I love the ease of not fussing over clothes.  So....this is how I have been journeying through this month.

WEEK ONE:  Wear my closet
I was not able to repeat anything....not even shoes or jewelry (except my wedding bands).  I must say that this week caused me some serious insecurity.  I was not prepared for this.  I would literally stand in my closet and feel so insecure without my "usuals".  I wanted to wear them so bad.  I wanted to choose 7 clothes every morning I had to wear something new from my closet!  I mean that is what Jen did right???  But I made it through the week and had lots of laundry!  Which was great because I had to get packed for our trip to Colorado......which brings us to......

WEEK TWO:  Trip to Colorado
This was a tricky one!  Here is the deal.....when I usually travel I don't travel too heavily but I am a girl who likes to have options.  I mean....you can check out weather.com, but let's get real.....we all love options.  I love my usuals.  So, I packed one outfit for each day.  That's it.  And you know what?  I had moments where I thought, "oh man, I wish I would've packed that....why did I decide to not pack that shirt....."  Just can't get rid of the insecurity....

WEEK THREE:  I am on Day Four
To be honest, I got to this week and thought, "oh shoot.....I don't know what I'm doing this week!"  And I definitely had that angel/devil on the shoulder thing happen in the closet Monday morning.  And I must say....the cute little devil me that kept saying, "you did great things this month...just wear what you want...what makes you feel comfy....." was really tempting.  So I just walked away and stayed in my tshirt and sweat pants for the rest of the day.  If you want proof....ask my two sweet girls that came for voice lessons to find their voice teacher in sweats!  But the desire I have to feel security with the clothes I wear is not a lesson I have learned yet.  So I am back to wearing my closet.  Not wearing anything twice.  And I want my "usuals" back!  So.....this month is surprising to me so far.  Thankful for the stretch....thankful to learn that my clothes do not define me even though we live in a world that says otherwise!

I am getting our Advent ready to go!  Next post will be how our family celebrates this Advent season!  And I am hoping there will be some new Monthly Numbers to share in a few days!

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  1. I can't believe I missed this post! I like the way you made this month your own! Great work...interesting what you learned about yourself! Excited to hear what December brings to you!