November Numbers

We Got Our Numbers Today......drum roll please......

#53 for a Girl
(4 spots)

#39 for a Boy
(4 spots)

I love the look of the 30's!  So that is some great movement!  I was expecting great movement due to referrals that went out this month.  Today is a happy day because my friend has been reunited forever with her sweet daughter!  We have been praying for this family and it is awesome to see the Lord set the lonely in families!  Her airport welcome was just over an hour ago!  Praise the Lord!  And right now, there is a Momma who is in Ethiopia getting her son Simon who we have been praying for so long!  It is such a privilege to watch the Lord work and bring families together.  It may not be "typical", but nothing about God's plan tends to be right?

Tomorrow begins the season of Advent!  I am excited to share with you our advent events coming up in a post soon!  Stay tuned!


  1. Love seeing movement!!!!!! AND so happy to see these sweet families reunited with their kiddos!!!!

  2. The 30's look really good! This is so exciting. Before you know it you will be traveling to Ethiopia!!!