Let me introduce to you.......

I am so excited to start my first family feature!  If you missed this post then you can go and check out what is happening.  In short, I wanted to bring my community to this blog.  Share with you these amazing women I get to know that are in this journey alongside me!  And my first family is......

The Eyre Family

Here are Marlisa and Chris on the plane TODAY as they make their way to Ethiopia for their second trip to bring their boys HOME!!  So excited for them!  
Here is a bit of their story:
Marlisa and Chris live in Virginia and have 3 kids.  Emma (14), Elliot (11), and Adaline (8).  Their sons they are going to get bring home are Elias (turns 8 on May 28) and Isaiah (2 1/2).  Here's her story:

"We started our agecny/adoption research when Addie (who is 8 1/2 now)was just a baby...I felt a nudge but the timing made NO sense. I was already overwhelmed with our 3 kids. Still, I requested info from different agencies and started to research the programs. Chris was really really not on board. And at the time, we didn't even qualify for adoption in any of the available programs. I was so confused because I thought I had heard from the Lord that He was leading us to adopt...but I tearfully threw all the materials out and figured I had heard wrong. I will never forget that day and I remember how sad I was.  I think it is SOOO amazing now that we are adopting our guys to think that Elias was just BORN at that time...he is 6 months younger than Addie. Even though the timing wasn't right then, God had stirred my heart back then that he had more kids for us through adoption. His timing is amazing!  And Isaiah was just an infant when we finally felt a definite call again 8 years later to Ethiopia.....this time my husband was the one who was most excited, seriously a miracle"

Marlisa has asked for the following prayers over their trip right now:
*Protection over her 3 kids here at home with her Mom for 11 days!
*Comfort for her and Addie because she will miss her ballet recital on Saturday
*Praise that they get to celebrate Elias' birthday on Tuesday with him!
*Protection from illness
*Travel mercies for the trip home!!  Long plan ride so prayers that connecting flights will be in place, just the right kind of passengers around them to help if need be (and understand), and safety
*Peace for the boys as they begin this big transition
*She wants opportunity to pray with Almaz (that is our agency's transition home director)
*Opportunity to pray over Hannah's Hope (this is our agency's transition home)
*God's favor over all the agencies and for their integrity
*Pray for a covering over their family as they ALL make this transition when they come home.  Attachment and sweet transition for everyone!

Excited to keep you all updated on the Eyre family!!!  Thanks for praying!


  1. Love this Suzanne! Miss Suzie Q.:) So grateful to be on the journey with you!! And can't wait for Marlissa to have her boys home.

  2. Love this Suzanne! Praying for the Eyres!