Update and Standing

The Eyres arrived safely and they have their boys!!!!  Praise the Lord!!  I just saw new pics on facebook this morning and they are doing great!  Eating out for burgers together and smiling big!  She said they were a little foggy but overjoyed!  Thank you for your prayers!  Keep them coming as they finish all they need to in country and then make the big trip home!!!

I also wanted to tell you that Marlisa's translator is a man who grew up as a Compassion child!  I got to read his story about being sponsored his whole life and learning about Jesus.  He is so thankful for his sponsor and the letters she sent!  He has kept everything she sent him!  Wow!  One thing that has always been cool to me is that back in 2005 Dave and I were at a concert that Compassion was at.  We "randomly" picked a little girl and wouldn't you know.....she lives in Ethiopia!  I have always loved that "randomness".  Her name is Lingerish and she is now 13!  I have been talking with Compassion about meeting her when we travel to Ethiopia!  I am pretty sure that will be happening!  So thankful!  Here is this little beauty!
I write to her but not often enough.  I am thankful for the Compassion's online writing system that makes it so easy you really have no excuse to NOT write!  But after reading Fedaku's story this morning I was inspired.  Another way that I have decided to wait well is to invest lots more into Lingerish.  Be a more active sponsor.  This is exactly what I was talking about in my ethics post.  This is supporting a single Mom who washes clothes to make ends meet.  Joining her Mom in the gap to send her daughter to school.  Lingerish belongs with her Mommy.  And her Mommy just needed someone to say yes to standing alongside their family.  When we first sponsored her it came from a burdened heart....but mostly because I knew we had the extra funds to do it.  But you know what?  Lingerish needs more than my money to send her to school.  She also needs my encouragement!  My coming alongside her in what she is learning.  How she is growing!  Thank you, Fedaku for sharing your story today!  Thankful that through Marlisa I was able to be inspired by him.  Marlisa said that the light of Jesus shines so brightly in him!  So thankful this morning for how God connects so many dots when your eyes are taken off of yourself and placed on others!

Could you be a sponsor?  Are you a sponsor and maybe need to write a letter?  Do that today!  Stand in the gap!  There is no better place to be!  Here are some places to get involved with today!

AMAZIMA:  Some of you have heard of Katie Davis.  She is a young girl who moved to Uganda (for what she thought would be a year) at the age of 18.  Well....she has not returned.  She has adopted 13 girls and begun Amazima as a way to sponsor the children she is serving there.  Her book is, Kisses from Katie and it is awesome!  I follow her blog regularly, www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com

PROJECT HOPEFUL:  This is a place I am going to be getting involved with in the next month.  They have Hope+Sisterhood.  This is a place for people who want to stand in the gap for an HIV+ Mother who is raising her children.  It is a home for them to live in, medication for them, training, education.....basically.....CHANGING A LIFE!  

THE BENTLEY FAMILY:  I "met" Brittany and Ian through my adoption facebook page.  They have 2 biological boys and adopted a little girl from Ethiopia.  They felt the Lord call them to Ethiopia for full time mission work.  They have just recently adopted a 9 year old girl!!  They do not have a sponsorship program but you could sponsor their work.  They serve the women of Ethiopia by bringing them off the streets, encouraging them, teaching them a trade (www.livefasionable.com) and also serving in a children's home.  I know they do so much and I am so proud of them!  

I know there are plenty more but here is a start!  How can we all stand in the gap??

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