And so it begins......

Y'all.....my girl is in Kindergarten!  Look at her cute self!!!
And do you see that cute heart shaped necklace around her neck?  That was a little gift from her Daddy.  Something for her to hold onto when she felt afraid or nervous....she would know that we were praying for her and that the Lord was with her!  Turning around and leaving her in that classroom was bittersweet.  It was an end to a wonderful season for me.  For the last five and a half years I have been blessed to be her full time mommy.  It was such a fun time.  We both learned so much and grew so much!  And now, our learning and growing will just look a bit different.  I am so proud of her!  She had a great first week that included a play date with a new friend and by Friday, she was ready for me to drop her off in the car line.  That morning was special for me....watching my girl walk herself proudly into school!  

In other news....I reached out to Jen Hatmaker (insert slight freak out).  Most of you who have read much around here know that I have been a Jen girl for quite some time.  I love the way that she wrestles and pushes the envelope....sort of reminds me of myself ;)  All in all, I know through her books that when she travels she likes to stay in people's homes.  So I sent her a message to see if she would like to stay in my home!  (again...still freaking!) She is coming here twice so who knows!  She might have some arrangement already, but I reached out.  Would love the chance to just squeeze her and thank her for beginning a holy wreckage in my heart and writing down the words my heart were trying to say.  If you are newer, check her out at www.jenhatmaker.com  

This last week was lots of get to know you things and this week I have meetings for the committees I signed up for!  Ah!  The start to the year is sure busy....but I am ready to embrace it!

Adoption Update:  There have been TWO referrals!!!  And can I tell you that one of them was my DEAR sister, Catherine!  She was one of my roomies at the Created for Care Conference and now soul sister!  When she called me I began screaming and crying!  My girls did not know what was happening!  It was awesome!  SO excited for their baby boy!!!  And Miss Hilary has been waiting LONG!  So excited for the Helms family as well!!  Read about them here:         Catherine         Hilary  

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  1. Love you! Thank you for sharing in our joy! If Jen stays at your house, I'm flying to Kansas! Baby girl walked to class by herself!! Precious love!!