Sometimes you just need to laugh.  And well....hashtags sort of do that for me.  So, if you like hashtags and you like to laugh I have made a list.  I consulted my peeps.  Here are the most commonly used hash tags for adoptive mommas.  Some are fun and some are fun comments we often get:  
(You're welcome for the LOL)






























It is funny to me that we now talk in hashtags.  And also funny to me that so many people still don't understand them!  I don't know the history of this new phenomenon but it sure does brighten my day.  I love them because one liner thoughts come into my head all the time and now we hashtag it!   I do think there should be a how to other than Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon.  And I also think there should be a limited number acceptable to be used in one post.  But other than that......I love them.  And I hope you love them.  And I also hope that if you are a non-adoptive person reading this I want you to know a few things:

I LOVE it when you ask me about the wait.  Never feel weird or awkward.  I love it.  It reminds me that you want to hear about my journey.  It reminds me that you care enough to ask.  It reminds me that we have a friendship that doesn't shy away from things that aren't easy.  So please ask.

I do not want this post to make you fearful of talking to an adoptive Mom.  I made a mistake last summer and I am IN the process.  I made the mistake of asking a Mom with two girls from Ethiopia, "are they sisters?"  What I was really asking was did she adopt them together?  Of COURSE they are sisters!  Just like Maren and Savanah will be a sister to whomever comes to our family.  I just didn't word it well.  AND to top it off, they were standing right there!!  Big fail!  The Mom said to me, "Just so you know, that is not a question you ask in front of them.  They came to my family at different times but they are sisters now!"  I honestly went and cried feeling so dumb.  But she did a great job explaining it to me and defending her children.  

We all have experience of people asking questions regarding a phase of our life that are silly.  But we all know that the heart of people is to be interested.  And people are just curious.  Let's all remember grace all around!  Everyone needs a dose of grace.

So people, let the hashtags continue!  Let the inner one liner thoughts go public!  They make me laugh and get me through the day!

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