Entry #3: Small talk is right

Some of you may be confused.
I get it. 
You might have thought when I renamed the blog to small talk diary that it was play on words.
Well, dear reader, you are right!
But what it has seemed like lately is just that I talk a VERY small amount of talk on here!
Here are a few reasons why that has been the case:
I went to Palm Springs and got to hike everyday!  Learned that we got our immigration fingerprint appointment for two days after I got home!  So excited!

We got our fingerprints done on a Wednesday and received our immigration approval letter on MONDAY!  That meant that Tuesday me and the little one headed to Topeka to finish up all the paperwork!

Then on Wednesday we headed to mail everything off to our agency!  Just in time for me to catch my flight to Atlanta!
Got to Atlanta for an amazing weekend at the Created for Care conference with my besties.  Thankful for these women in this journey with me!
We even stayed a few days longer to be together longer.  We just can't get enough of each other.  And because that cute one on the end next to me is moving to Thailand.  You will hear from her soon on this blog!

Came back and a few days later we celebrated my big girl turning 7!  Something about 7.  Cannot get over it!  Dave and I both got teary on the way to her party! 

So yes.  The talk has been small but the livin has been big!   And I should mention that not only did our paperwork make it to our agency on Friday February 6th, they just went ahead and sent it off to South Africa!  It arrived this last Wednesday February 11th.  Woh.  So now that process is to wait.  And that is something we know how to do!  I pretty much got all ugly cry when we got our approval letter.  I was so overwhelmed at the graciousness of God.  Thankful for how this process has been sweet on my tender and weary heart.  Excited to see what the Lord has in the coming months. 

For now, I am focusing on being exactly where my feet are.  I guess that is what the pictures above speak.  Wherever my feet have been planted I want to be 100%.  That way each moment, each person, each experience, each encounter I can fully be. 

Where are your feet planted?  Don't think about the next place to take them.  Ask yourself what it is you can see from this space.  What you can smell.  What you could learn.  Who you could impact.  All from right where you are.  The being.
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