Entry #4: Preparation Surprise

So I've been thinking lately...
On Friday I did something that I had never done.  It wasn't comfortable.  But as I was sitting in this unknown situation, I realized....I was prepared for it.  I realized that God had been training me and teaching me and preparing me for the last two months for maybe just this particular 2 minutes of life.  I know that it wasn't just for this 2 minutes....but in the uncomfortable and in the unknown, I felt prepared.  And I would never had guessed that the last 2 months the things I had been learning would help me in that moment because I didn't even know that moment was coming.  And to be completely honest, I would have missed this moment all together if my bestie wouldn't have picked me up one day when I was feeling sort of lost.  Wondering what it was that the Lord had for me.  How was God going to be using me.  And in that moment she took the time to remind me of all the ways God is using me right now.  And it was as if she was saying, "can you just take a minute and see yourself through my lens?"  Aren't girlfriends the best?  I needed a new lens.  And she gave it to me.  She empowered me to be right where I am.  To see all the things that are on my plate right now as exactly what God desires to use me, grow me, shape me, transform me. 
That night I went home and worked in my Passion Planner.  (Side Note:  This planer is amazing.  I have always sworn by paper planners because I was raised right, thanks Diane, and this one I love!!)  I drew in bubbles all the places that my feet are planted right now.  Then I wrote out two goals in each place.  Then put when I wanted to accomplish those goals in my planner for the next 2 weeks (I gotta start small).  So I made a phone call to a dear dear friend.  Then landed myself with her on Friday.  To a place I had no idea I was going.  But once there, saw how the Lord had been prepping me.  I was overwhelmed Friday night.  I was thankful.  Thankful to have a friend who gave me new vision.  Thankful for a God who loves me enough to allow me to work in His stories. 
What about you?  Have you ever been in a place that all of a sudden you realized, "I have been prepped for this!  God had already gone before me to bring me to this place!"  Not that we won't feel inadequate.  Because we almost always do in the places He is taking us.  But we can't be remiss in thinking that sometimes the getting there was preparation.  Even when we had no idea we were being prepped.  Maybe you need new vision today.  New vision to see the things that you aren't seeing right now so that you can embrace the things you are being prepared for!  You are being prepared.  You are where you are meant to be. 
Happy Monday!
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