I thought I might steal some of this nap time to blog about our process so far!  Today I mailed our first "major" document.  We have to have two power of attorney's in our Dossier.  One of them needs to be State Certified by us.  So I got it all put together, loaded with snacks and drinks for the girls, and headed off to the mail store up the road from us.  I want it take really good care of and tracked!  So......our Power of Attorney is headed to the Secretary of State's office today and will land in the hands of Georgia.  When I spoke with her on the phone I said, "Treat us right, Miss Georgia!"  And she said, "Ok maam" :)  Things are moving along quite well.  Everything is pretty much ready to go!  We finished up our education yesterday!  Yahoo!  We have been learning A LOT and so many things I know I will want to go back to as we experience parenting our little love!  We are just waiting on our Home study to be completed and approved by our agency!  So here are some prayer requests so far:
*Continued prayer for the Government of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister, and the Ministry of Woman's Affairs to learn new ways to process adoptions in the highest ethical way and eliminate those agencies that are corrupt.
*Continued prayer for the families who are awaiting court appts. and travel dates that have been stressed from the past 2 weeks
*Continued prayer for AGCI and other agencies (like CHI where I worked), to be clothed in strength each morning to take care of ALL their families that need some extra TLC right now!
*For our Power Attorney to arrive in Topeka safely, into the hands of Georgia, and timely return to us
*For our Home Study to be completed and go through approval process smoothly!

Yahoo.....we are moving along!  My heart still races!  I can't wait to hold my little love!
Have a great day!

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