Georgia is FAST!

Tuesday there was a ring at the doorbell.......I heard Savanah begin crying and then I opened the door to find the UPS man delivering our State Certified Power of Attorney!  Yahoo!  I went to get Savy and Maren who were both now awake and we did a little happy dance all together!  Thank you, Miss Georgia, for moving so quickly!  The document is so beautiful looking :)  I love it!  I stare at it because it makes me feel that much closer to the finishing touches!  Everything is in place but just one document and our Home Study.  Dave and I went to get more passport photos so that is checked off the list!  I have been reading blogs and getting so excited for when we will have pics up of our little love!  The time will come sooner than I think!  Thankful for all these little steps! 
Hope you have a blessed night!

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