Busting at the seams!!!

Last night at 11:30pm our social worker emailed our home study to us to review.  So, of course, I opened it and read it....okay, I read it twice.  Then I knew I should sleep on it.  At nap time today Dave and I read through it again with some minor changes and some additions she was needing.  I am SO excited!  I can barely stand it!  This is what we have been needing.  After this we got all our documents needed for Immigration put together and then went through our Dossier docs again for revisions.  Whew....needless to say I can't believe I am blogging because my eyes are tired of looking at this screen!  We are so close to getting all of our things to Ethiopia and then getting ON THE WAIT LIST!!! 

Lord, you are so beautiful!  I love you so much and I am so thankful to be apart of this story you are writing!  Thank you!  I pray that you will have your Sovereign and powerful hands upon all of these emails, documents, mailings, and all the eyes and hearts who receieve them.  Above all.....place your Fatherly hands upon our little love and his/her family.  Keep them safe, surround them with support, and offer them peace like a river!  Prepare this Mom's heart in Kansas and a Mother's heart in Ethiopia for all that is to come.  I pray that I can embrace her, sit across from her, and love on her.  I pray that you will prepare us both for the mountains ahead of us in this process and smooth them over into highways leading us to each other. 
In the name of your Son, the Suffering Servant,

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