Tonight I just had such a sweet time with my friend Annie!  It was great to sit on a couch with a friend:)  Loved our time.  Hail began to come pounding down so of course, Miss Maren was up and needed to cuddle...........well............ok:)  She is now keeping my side of the bed warm while my mind is running!  A few prayers on my heart
*A Boy Named Kirill:  His story will just crush your heart.  He is a boy with Down Syndrome and the family cannot get a judge to approve that he would be better off in a family then in an institution!  What?  Please read their blog and fall in love with this boy.  Please pray for him....pray for a miracle with their appeals to the court!  http://www.oureyesopened.blogspot.com/
*I have followed a blog since before we announced our adoption....it is the one that led me to our agency, http://www.weloveourlucy.blogspot.com/  well they are going for their 2nd adoption and child #6.  Her hubby is in Ethiopia right now and will be in court at 1am our time.  Just praying that they pass court the first time and the MOWA letter is on file!  With all that has been happening...this is a needed prayer.....her sister Kasey is STILL WAITING for her MOWA letter to arrive!   Praying for her too!

So many little loves in our world tonight.  Stumbled upon a family at http://www.calledtoadopt.com/  who has one daughter from Ethiopia and is working on #2 from Haiti.  Knowing my sis in law, Amy's heart is still in Haiti.....praying for this family and praying for that country still struggling

So many........yet rejoicing at all the people answering the call on their hearts! 

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