Waiting is hard.  There are still so many unknowns.  Which that this post said something different.  I am still waiting to hear from my agency.  It has been a week since I left a message and days since my last 2 emails.  I know that they are swamped.  My prayer is that I get connected with them soon.  I have so many questions and need support!  I have been so impressed with AGCI......I know for sure this is the agency God called us to so I know that it is because that is where our child will be!  Please pray that my heart is full of grace and that my mind is up to par when I receive the call.....I want to remember everything I need to ask!

The Lord has been so faithful to me through His word and through songs that I hear.  I am filling my spirit with living words....HIS WORDS!  I know that that will make the difference.  Eventhough the circumstances around me change....my Lord DOES NOT CHANGE!  Thank you, Father!  I will trust in Him alone!  Thank you for your prayers and for your support!

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