I'm not exactly sure how to begin this post.  The past two days have been unbelievable and days that I hope I will never forget......I do think that they will shape me forever.  So much of our adoption journey so far has not been what I had expected.  And I think from working in International Adoption in the past, I had a pretty good view of what to expect.  But God had different plans and different lessons that HE needed to teach me in order for me to see Him in a fuller way.  One thing that is different than what we had expected is how we were going to financially be able to adopt.  This was definately something that we had to hand over to the Lord.   He laid on my heart that we needed to join in with our neighborhood garage sale weekend and raise money by doing a sale!  Well.....last weekend my sweet friend, Leah, texted me saying, "do you know that our garage sale is next weekend?"  Hmmmm......a garage sale in a week.............why not!  Haha!  But I cannot even begin to tell you the BLESSING of these past two days.  Friends donated great things for us to sell and I got myself all organized........Connected with my sister late into the night this week on the phone while I was setting up to help keep me awake.......spent time all week walking through my garage praying over things and praying in that space....that God would fill it and BLESS it.  Woke up Thursday morning, drove to Starbucks for my usual, opened the doors......and the flood gates of blessing!  Here were my encounters:
*"We are an adoptive family.....wanna come to our adoption group?"
*"I didn't see anything I need but here is $5.....here is $10 to support what you are doing"
*"I have been adopted myself"
*Savanah's BSF leader, Shannon and daughter Jordan came on thursday and took the girls out for lunch so they could get away and I could get a little break!"
*Meeting an elderly man who lost his parents when he was very young and never was adopted.......hearing his story of not knowing life with parents.......looking in his eyes and telling him of his Heavenly Father......crying in my drive way.....heart breaking for this man
*Woman coming back after an hour saying, "I just couldn't get this out of my mind....here is $20".......her husband lived a time in Ethiopia when he was a child! 
*A woman who was in the process of loving a boy and potentially adopting him who has FAS
*Meeting people who never heard that you could adopt from over seas
*Meeting folks who thought that Maren and Savanah were the kiddos I was trying to adopt
Blessing.............Blessing.................Blessing!  These moments of PEOPLE will never leave me!  I cannot WAIT for tomorrow....final day of the sale!  Who will God bring up my drive way tomorrow?  I got to thinking......this is how I should live each day!  Who will God bring into my path today and why?   In the past two days I have been able to experience a piece of Eternity.  We are all connected.  There is no chance in this world.  The people that walked up my driveway just didn't "happen" to do that..........it has been planned and purposed before the begining of time.  I will probably never see them again this side of heaven but they are forever etched on my heart and FOREVER apart of bringing our little love HOME! 
AND IN OTHER NEWS:  Our Home Study got approved today!!!!! YAHOO!!!!  Now it is time for Immigration!  I can't believe it!  I am so excited! 
Eternal, Glorious, SOVEREIGN Father,
Thank you so much for who you are.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for your hand of mercy and grace.  Thank you for being the Father to the Fatherless.  I pray that tonight you will be our little loves Father.  You would meet our little loves family tonight with compassion.  I pray that they would KNOW you and LOVE you.  I thank you for the people that you have placed in my life to shape me in ways that I didnt' know I needed shaping.  I thank you for the path that you have me on.......I am thankful it is not my own.  Thank you for your SON whom you sent to die for ME and for the world!  I love you, Lord!

Who do you think will walk into your path tomorrow? 

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