Moving Right Along

What an amazing weekend of BLESSING!  Moving into this week was just surreal.  My house might have been overflowing wtih chaos, but my heart is overflowing with joy and thankfulness.  The Easter weekend is upon us and this morning I took some time to think about the Lord's Last Supper with His 12.  What that night might have been like.  So much that the disciples did not understand.  Yet, they were obediant because they loved Jesus.  But how did our Lord begin such a supper?  HE washed their feet.  Jesus wanted them to know that the Kingdom HE is fron is not about status or power from a political or financial standpoint.......but the Kingdom HE is from is of spiritual power.....that the greatest in it are those who serve others.  I wonder.....who does God need me to serve today?  What about you?
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you so much for this Easter season where we get to be reminded each year of the sacrifice you made for us.  Thank you that today I am reminded that my life should be one centered around serving others.  Forgive me for so often wanting to serve myself.  I pray you will open my eyes today to others......give me the eyes and ears to see people the way that you see them.....the way you see me! 

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