Well, this afternoon I got our October Wait list numbers!  Super exciting!  Maren....will you please do the honors???  

We are now 100 on the girl list (we moved 8) and 77 on the boy list (we moved 6)!  What I love about moving on the wait list it means that there are children coming home and being matched with their forever families!  I love that!  Each link on our paper chain is a child....watching 8 pink chains drop makes me get teary thinking of those 8 baby girls who are now with families FOREVER!  And watching those 6 blue chains fall means that 6 boys will forever have a Mom and Dad!  I love that!  What a process!  We are blessed and thankful for movement this month.  Thankful that the courts in Ethiopia are open again and things are moving!  I am glad the rainy season is over :)  

Here are some fun fall pics of what we have been up to lately!  I hope that you are doing great today!
This is their favorite way of swinging

Carving the pumpkin

The finished product

Photo Courtesy of Maren Campbell :)

Our Cutie Patooties!

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