Give Away, Gobble, and Gratefulness

I have to begin this post by telling you about someone named Lauren.  I watched her adoption video in the very beginnings of our journey and then stumbled upon her blog just a while ago.  I thought....that girl looks familiar.....and it was because I watched her as she scooped her son Mareto into her arms for the very first time!  Sweet sweet sweet!  Well....she is adoption again and she is offering an AMAZING giveaway of AMAZING items!  I mean, let's get real, I am all in on winning this one people!!  But for every $5 you donate to her adoption your name is tossed into the hat!  Check it out!


So we are redoing our kitchen.  Let me say this again.....we are redoing our kitchen.  We started over a week ago and we have made amazing progress.  We have worked VERY hard and it is looking awesome.  I have always wanted antiqued cabinets and then a super fun color for our island.  And well....that is what we are doing.  We are doing an antique cream and then a muted lime green for the island that we also antiqued.  We are using a product called, Rustoleum, and it is super easy to use!  I think that the prep has been the most labor intensive.  But I must say......I do not do well functioning in chaos.  Not. At. All.  My dining room table is filled with all the things that adorn the insides of our cabinets.  The floor is covered.  Our garage is full of cabinet doors and drawers.....our family room has tarps and drawers on it.  And did I mention that we have toddlers???  Hahaha.....what were we thinking??  BUT, all in all.....this space where the gobble is done will be awesome soon!  I am just praying it is before I have a nervous breakdown!

On Saturday, we participated in what our church calls, The Turkey Bowl.  Families in our church put together Thanksgiving meal items and stacked them in laundry baskets.  Then we loaded up into cars and headed down to Freedom Fire, an organization we work closely.  We went around the projects and delivered 50 meals to families.  We delivered two meals and it was amazing.  To see poverty in my own back yard.  To bring a basket full of bounty and to see their joy....their gratefulness.  Then to ask them if we could pray with them.  It was powerful.  I met some strong women on Saturday who are doing all they can to raise their families.  Grateful for what I have and the ability to give.


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  1. I am SO excited to see everyone's November numbers...I think, HOPE, there will be a giant God leap...here's praying.